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We use the best that Bali has to offer: craftsmanship, beautiful materials and the Bali spirit. All our products are handmade. Every product is unique! Bali Life Project supports Balinese mothers who live in the slums of Denpasar. These women are often banished by their families and live an underprivileged life around the dump. By having these women do handicrafts like for madumadu, they earn a normal salary. With this they can provide themselves and their children with food, medical facilities, clothing, school and a better future! Every day that these women can work for Bali Life Project does not mean one day on the streets to beg. This applies to the mothers, but also to their children. The women receive a normal salary for the work they do and BLP also provides care and education for the children. The little ones are allowed to stay with their mother during work, the larger ones are cared for and are taught in 1 of the 2 classrooms.

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