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Living Roots Lunch Café

Lunch cafe menu

Can be ordered until 12 pm.

Complete start - Sandwich, croissant, jam, cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, small coconut yoghurt & a coffee or tea of your choice.

All dishes below can be ordered throughout the day.

Yogurt or Coconut yogurt - with homemade granola & fresh fruit. (V) (VE) (L)
€7,5 / €8,5

French toast - with seasonal fruits and caramel. (V)

Egg in the pan - with spicy tomato sauce & Living Roots salad.
+ Can also be vegan without egg and with vegan cheese. (V) €9,5
+ bacon €2,95 
+ avocado €2,95

Ham cheese / cheese croissant. (V)

Sandwich or croissant - with nutella, jam or peanut butter. (V)

Our lunch dishes are served on organic bread from the Vlaamsch Broodhuys.
We also have gluten-free bread on which we can serve all our lunch dishes.

Avocado toast - with scrambled eggs. (V)
+ extra bacon €2,95
+ extra hot smoked salmon €3,95

Salad of old PDO cheese - with Parma ham and arugula (vegetarian also possible). (V)

Smoked salmon - with a relish of cauliflower, fennel and pickled onion. (V)

Smoked beef ribeye - with garlic mayonnaise and caramelized out.

Vegan tuna salad - with chickpeas, nori and avocado. (V) (VE) (L)

Warm lunch dishes.

Toasti basic - with ham cheese / cheese & homemade ketchup.

Vegan sandwich - with herb cheese, olives, tomato and smoked paprika mayonnaise. (VE) (V) (L)

Flatbreads - we're happy to tell you what this one is today or check out our chalkboard. (V)

Soup of the moment - we are happy to tell you what it is today or see our chalkboard.
(V) (VE) (L)

Fresh salad served with organic bread.

Living Roots salad - see our chalkboard for our salad of the moment. (V) (VE) (L)