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Scandinavia Form

SCANDINAVIA FORM is a brand that experiences design with the aim of pushing the boundaries of Scandinavian style in search of something new. A community of collaborations with artists and designers around the world. We explore "back to the roots" with nature as a source of inspiration, creativity, structure, experiences and well-being. Nature's Raw Form & Shape, it's biodiversity, a real sense of authenticity. The built-in balance and harmony of nature ensures that we are as close as possible to true nature. "Shape" is the way an object exists or appears - and for us it is an ever-changing playground, with endless possibilities of shapes, sizes, colors and uses. We started with a curious ambition to experiment with Scandinavian design in an alternative context to explore nature's biodiversity to create something new. Inspired by the pure, untouched shapes in plants, we created Consilium and Glasilium to showcase the raw form of nature.

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