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Cleaning calendar every weekday job
Cleaning calendar a job every week

Cleaning calendar a job every week. The product is made of paper and available in pink. read more

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"Cleaning calendar a job every week" written by Annemarieke Piers published by Snor Uitgeverij. A job every week to have a clean house for 52 weeks.
Every week a job and every month a big turn for a room in your house. With the handy schedules in this book and the super-fast cleaning method, your house will be clean in a curse and a sigh. Bring on that unexpected visit!
Can be used endlessly because there is no year on it.
Buy because:
- Cleaning has never been so much fun– Never be scared by unexpected visitors again– 52 beautiful illustrations of We Are Out of Office– Also very good for students living away from home
Language: Dutch
Dimensions: 22.5 x 14.2 x 2.8 cm
Number of pages: 112 pages
Illustrations: with illustrations
Author: Annemarieke Piers
Illustrator: We Are Out Office
Publisher: Snor Uitgeverij
Binding method: loose-leaf







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