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Zodiac sign Taurus on card

Zodiac sign Taurus on card designed by the Malou Kalay brand. The product is made of paper and available in brown. read more

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Hand painted zodiac sign of a Taurus printed on a card. Printed on 324 gram card stock with a symbolic text on the back. The art cards can be used as a postcard or a work of art.
April 20 - May 20 Element: Earth Planet: Venus Positive characteristics:
Loving Grounded Loves control Reliable Seeks safety
Place this zodiac card in a nice place so that it will stimulate and empower you daily. The Taurus zodiac map provides a sober view of things. It gives you stability and helps you create a secure foundation. This card gives you the power to stay in control. This Taurus zodiac sign card reinforces the love of nature. This wedding sign provides a safe feeling at home.
Color: brown
Paper size: A5 (148 × 210 mm)






Malou Kalay

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Photo frames / cards