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We love the planet

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This brand was born out of our love for the planet. We think it is important to know what is in a product and where it comes from. The second point people often forget. A tomato can be organic, but if it is imported from a polluting factory in Uganda, it is still bad for the environment. That is why we have our diffusers made in one of the most sustainable factories in Asia. The factory where our diffusers are made is eco-friendly and completely self-sufficient. All the energy the factory needs is generated from water and solar energy, so the factory is not connected to the electricity grid or the public water supply. All employees of the factory are offered delicious, healthy meals. These meals come fresh from the organic vegetable garden and fish pond! The deodorant from We Love The Planet is produced in the Netherlands. It is a very nice product that everyone should have at home. The deodorant is spreadable and consists for 100% of natural and organic ingredients. Because the deodorant comes in a small and compact can, it is also handy to take with you. And I mean, how nice is it when you are dancing at a festival and your deodorant is inside! We at We Love The Planet only sell products that we love and that we use a lot in everyday life.

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